Online Team Building: Remote Team Building Activities for 2020

Over the last several months, COVID-19 has completely shifted the way businesses operate. Many businesses find themselves forced out of their offices and conducting their daily affairs remotely. Many companies have been forced to think about remote team building, but aren’t sure how to build their internal brand from a distance.

Leading remote teams can be challenging, especially if you don’t have any prior experience. Performing your business operations can be rather difficult when your team is transitioning from an office setting to working from home. The physical distance can have a major effect on an individual’s emotional wellbeing, which may lead to isolation and a decrease in productivity.

Whether your business is permanently making the jump to remote work or just transitioning for the foreseeable future, you’ll want to incorporate some exercises for the benefit of your team. Let’s learn some ways to help ease the transition from the office to working remote, ideas on how to combat low employee morale with remote team-building activities, and why hiring a virtual assistant agency may solve some of these concerns.

Before Anything Else: Communicate!

Using a communication app such as a public Slack channel is vital to your business if it is to survive a global pandemic. Keeping communication lines open with all employees ensures they don’t feel as if they’re growing distant from the rest of the team. An app like this is also a great way tool to use when facilitating those online team-building exercises.

Building Connections in a Remote Work Setting

Remote team-building activities can be a great way to keep your team closely-knit while also boosting team morale. When they are beginning to feel isolated, team-building games for remote workers will help remind them of the great support they have from their colleagues.

Games for Remote Workers

SnackNation has some ideas for remote team-building games and activities. One popular suggestion is holding a virtual trivia night. There are many free options and various topics on the Internet for trivia and it makes for a great opportunity for colleagues to collaborate together on something other than work, while promoting a little friendly competition.

Remote Movie Night

Another great option is to have a movie night. Have employees vote on the movie they’d like to watch and play the movie through a video call. Leaving the chat window open allows for workers to bond over the movie!

Virtual Happy Hour

If games or movies aren’t popular choices among your employees, hosting a virtual happy hour can prove as another fantastic remote team-building activity. Happy hour does not have to include alcoholic beverages; the important part is it provides a way for the team to build connections over conversations unrelated to work.

These activities don’t have to be dreadfully long. Simple games lasting a couple of minutes or leisurely conversations lasting up to an hour can do wonders for the mental health of remote workers.

Remote Team-Building: Always Get Feedback

Getting the feedback from your team about what they did or did not enjoy will help you decide on whether to stick with the same activity the next time around or to switch things up a little.  Also, discuss with them how often they’d like to have these team-building nights. You want these activities to be refreshing and something for remote employees to look forward to. Make sure to state clearly that they are not mandatory to be a part of, as no conversations pertinent to work will take place.

Ultimately, your company culture will be the best lead when deciding on a virtual activity for the team. Many of these activities encourage your coworkers to build better working relationships among one another, allowing your team to grow and collaborate together. However, don’t forget that the main goal is to relax and have fun!

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