The Benefits of Hiring a Remote Team

Running a business usually requires you to organize a team of workers. Sometimes, managing a team is more stressful than the work itself: getting people in the same place to work on the same projects requires a lot of additional time, not to mention the additional price tag of operating costs and renting a large enough space. Could it benefit them to hire a remote team?

Businesses these days are avoiding the costs of a workforce by moving towards “remote teams” – a group of employees who collaborate with each other virtually to work on company projects. Hiring a remote team could revolutionize your workflow.

Why Hire a Remote Team?

As an entrepreneur, you already know that the best solutions for your business “kill two birds with one stone.” Remote teams accomplish this by reducing your overhead, increasing workplace productivity, and expanding the reach of your business.

Take Summit Collaborations, for example. Once we started expanding our business as a remote team, we saw the following happen:

  • Reduced overhead costs by cutting the need for a physical office space.
  • Increased teamworking success as our team began collaborating digitally.
  • Higher workplace productivity, as our employees reported the benefits of working on their own time.
  • An expanded reach for our company, as we now had employees in cities across the globe.

The Benefits of Hiring a Remote Team

Every successful business has a marketing campaign. Whether they upload a blog post once every two weeks or have a fully developed social media strategy, businesses must meet the demands of marketing in order to stay afloat.

Sometimes, these businesses turn towards Virtual Assistants or VAs. VAs are individuals who can potentially handle the marketing needs of a company remotely, allowing business owners to get back to what’s important – their business!

However, sometimes companies are unsatisfied with their VAs when they don’t put out enough content or draw in enough business, or don’t even have the skills necessary to actually help market the business. The reason is that companies often hire individuals who are generalist instead of full virtual teams comprised of specialists. Expecting one person to handle the workload of a team doesn’t often work out.

This article explains why hiring a remote team or VA team is one of the smartest decisions a company can make.

Remote Teams are Cost-Effective

The biggest misconception about VA teams is that they’re likely to cost way more than a single assistant. Nothing could be less true! An experienced remote team might be more expensive than a single entry-level assistant, but when you compare highly experienced VAs to remote teams the numbers are pretty even.

Let’s even say for example the rates are different, one virtual assistant charges a rate of $20/hr, and one VA team charges a rate of $40/hr. If that team is composed of 5 individuals, then you’re only paying double the price for four additional people to help with your marketing needs. Expecting one person to handle article writing, social media content, branding and design, video blogs, etc. will likely overextend them and lead to low-quality content with little reach, but with a team, you get more than your money’s worth with content that’s properly allocated and much easier to handle.

Remote Teams are More Experienced 

Another reason remote teams are more cost-effective is that you’re paying for combined expertise. VA teams have project managers that allocate certain tasks to specific individuals, with team members that specialize in social media, content writing, graphic design, etc. Plus, VA/remote teams are able to collaborate on ideas and come up with better marketing solutions than one individual can handle. The result: better content and increased traffic to your business.

Remote Teams are More Productive 

Among other benefits, remote workers tend to be more productive. This comes as a surprise to many who believe that the work-from-home lifestyle leads to distraction and reduced productivity. In fact, the opposite is true. Remote workers report feeling more productive, as office spaces tend to provide the most distractions, and 86% of workers report greatest productivity when working alone. 54% of employees also report producing more work when left to work on their own.

More Time for your Business

This should come as a no-brainer: hiring a team that you trust to handle your marketing needs lets you focus on your business. So, what are you waiting for! Hiring a remote team could be just what your business needs to take it to the next level.

Hiring a Remote Team: By the Numbers

If you don’t believe our story alone, then look at what the numbers say. Remote teams report greater levels of satisfaction and productivity. If you hire a remote team, you will likely see the following benefits:

Moreover, hiring a remote team expands your hiring pool – your team can log in from anywhere in the world! Plus, workers these days prefer doing solely online work, and many people rely on remote work to avoid the limitations posed by working and commuting in a single location.

Looking for a Remote Marketing Team?

Of course, not everyone needs a remote team – it depends on the nature of your work. However, even hiring remote workers for specific projects might benefit your business in the long run.

In fact, many businesses hire a remote team of virtual assistants to help with social media posting, copywriting, branding, graphic design, etc. If you’re thinking of hiring virtual assistants to help manage your business, you’re already in the right place: read more about Summit Collaborations here or book a call with the CEO, Ashlee, to discuss our Virtual Assistant services and packages.