Work Day Essentials for the Successful Entrepreneurs

Getting through a workday might be difficult and stressful, especially for business owners and entrepreneurs, but you’ll have a much more efficient and successful day with the right tools by your side. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite entrepreneurial must-haves to optimize success!


Starting Your Day Off Right

Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock

Sunrise alarm lock

Get your day started the right way with an alarm clock that wakes you up more naturally. It can be difficult to wake up when it’s dark outside, but a clock that brightens your room while you wake slowly is sure to improve your mood. Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clocks are our absolute favorite for groggy mornings.


At Home Coffee Mug 
Everyday I'm hustlin coffee mug


Start your morning with a fresh cup of coffee while you get ready to take on the day!


To Go Coffee Mugboss lady coffee cup

Take your coffee with you in an insulated stainless steel coffee cup! You’ll be able to wake up while you head out to work without worrying about spilling your drink.


Portable Smoothie Blender

For a healthy breakfast on-the-go, grab your portable blender! You can prep your smoothie the night before and blend it fresh once you get to work. It’s a healthy and delicious way to start your day.


Work Tote Bag or Briefcase 

Organize all of your work essentials (including your laptop) in this stylish tote bag. With multiple carrying functions and lots of room, you’ll be able to bring everything you need with you.


Plannerpink and marble girly planner

A weekly and monthly planner will keep you organized between meetings, project deadlines, goals, and your personal life. Choose a planner that you can take with you in your bag so that you never forget an important date.


Penscolorful pens

We love having things color-coded, so these G-2 colored pens are our go-to for the office. Having multiple sets of pens for the office, home, and your bag is a great idea so that you’ve always got a pen.


Computer Covernavy blue mac laptop cover

Protect your laptop from scratches with this cute laptop case! We love hard cases because it protects the laptop while not adding extra weight to your load.


Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

As a business owner, it’s likely that you have two monitors, and if you don’t we highly suggest you try it. It will change your life! If you do have two monitors, you know that typing on your small laptop keyboard and using the fingerpad mouse can be the real struggle. A wireless keyboard and mouse is a must-have.



Once you have your wireless keyboard and mouse you need a mousepad to go with it! You might as well get a stylish one that adds a little class and sass to your desk.


Getting Over that Midday Hump


Square Chip Reader Square Chip reader

Make sales anywhere you are! If your business sells tangible goods or services having a card reader with you at all times is essential for your business. Never get caught without the ability to make a sale!


White Boardwhite board for businesses and offices

What better way to organize your morning and schedule your week than with a large weekly planner whiteboard? Complete with colorful markers and an eraser, you can hang this up in your home or office and schedule away!


Phone Charging Bankwhite portable phone charger

Charge your iPhone or Samsung smartphone with this portable charger. Don’t worry about being close to an outlet or plugged into your wall charger, because you can take this portable charger anywhere you go! Just slip it in your purse and head to those meetings.


Lunch Box

Even the busy entrepreneur has to eat sometime! It’s cheaper, healthier, and faster to bring your lunch to work instead of going out, so check out this great lunch box! With compartments for cutlery, ventilation for the microwave, and tons of room for food you will be full and satisfied come lunch time!


Business Card Holderstainless steel business card holder

Always be ready to hand out your business card in a professional manner with a leather business card holder! It fits right into your purse and really makes a great impression.


Desk OrganizerGold desk organizer and accessories

Desk organization tools are essential to keeping entrepreneurs on track! Since you wear so many different hats it’s important that you keep everything in your business as organized as possible so nothing falls through the cracks. Plus, having a cute working space makes working just a little bearable.


Multiport Charging and Connection AdapterExternal USB ports

Sometimes it just seems like you never have enough USB ports! this handy little device helps answer that problem.


Winding Down


Bedtime Teabedtime tea to help you sleep

Relax after a long, busy day with a relaxing cup of tea that will prepare you to sleep away your stress. A well-rested business person is a successful business person!


Lap Deskwooden lap desk with light

We know you can’t put work away completely, so use this comfortable lap desk with a light and cup holder to get some work done from the comfort of your bed!


Bedside Notebookdaily bedside journal

Ideas can come to you at any time of the day or night. Be prepared to write them down at night so that you don’t forget your great ideas!


What tools did we miss? Do you have a tried-and-true tool that helps you stay organized, efficient, and successful? Let us know what it is!

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