What are Google Ads? Optimize Your Google Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Is your organic incoming website traffic just not making the cut anymore? Are your social posts not driving as much potential clientele to your website as you hoped? It may be time for your business to try a new tactic, and one of the lowest cost and highest return investments in advertising today is within pay-per-click ads.

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a form of internet advertising in which advertisers pay a given fee every time someone clicks on their ad. There are several different forms of pay-per-click marketing and is often considered a pay-as-you-go opportunity to promote your business.   The most common and effective method is search engine advertising, this method offers business owners the opportunity to showcase your business across prominent search engines such as Google, which receives 3.5 BILLION searches per day. Imagine the potential consumers you can reach at even a small targeted budget.

What are Google Ads?

Think back to the last time you searched for a local service provider near you. When you typed this search on the Google search engine, you probably saw paid ads jump to the top of your first page. These are ads purchased by businesses that have selected the keyword or phrase you used as a potential to convert you into a customer.

Google Ads is the search engine’s advertising system that uses an auction format to rank advertisements based on relevant keywords. When more than one advertiser is using the same keywords that are most relevant to the search query, Google starts an auction where these advertisers can place a maximum bid on the keywords. The average bid for Google Ads can range from $1-$2, but, some advertisers bid even higher to be sure they land on the first page. Think back to that last Google search you made. Did you ever navigate to page 3 or 4 on the search list? Probably not.  According to Junto, 75% of people never even get past the first page! This is why even a higher bid can make the difference of whether the business obtains new customers, or gets lost in the shuffle.

To determine which bid will win the Google Ads search, Google takes into account both an advertiser’s maximum cost-per-click bid and their quality score when determining ad ranking. Google measures the quality of pay-per-click campaigns, keywords, and landing pages by assigning them with scores. Advertisers with higher quality scores are rewarded with lower pay-per-click costs. These auctions are run seemingly an infinite number of times per month, ensuring that Google users are presented with the ads most relevant to their search queries.

How to Optimize Your Google Pay-Per-Click

When it comes to optimizing your Google Ads campaign, Google rewards you by charging less per click for campaigns that perform well, resulting in greater profit margins for your business. When someone is exposed to your ad on Google and clicks on it, sending them to your website, Google receives a fee on your behalf in exchange for the user’s click. When your Google Ads is operating the way it should, the fee paid in exchange for a viewer’s visit to your website is a drop in the bucket compared to the sales that result from the click. This is a win-win for both your business and Google!

There are many factors that influence the success of a Google pay-per-click campaign. However, Wordstream suggests focusing on these two starting points when setting the foundation for any campaign.

Keyword Relevance

Creating a strong list of keywords and ad text is crucial if you want to compel visitors to click on your ads. The targeted text is often the first impression potential customers will see of your business and will often be the deciding factor on whether they click on your ad. Keywords should be relevant to what users are directly searching for, and enticing enough to attract them to visit your website. When developing the copy that will accompany your ads, remember creativity and value is the key to attracting potential customers to visit your website over a competitor’s.

Keyword research is an ongoing process that can be exhausting. However, finding and bidding on words that are not only popular but highly specific and less common will help you reach your targeted audience in a more cost-effective manner.

Landing Page Quality

Now that you have a strong list of relevant and specific ad text, ensuring your landing page is up to par with those keywords is the next step to consider. When a potential customer clicks on your ad, the adjoining landing page should be directly related to the ad and should not be misleading in any way. If visitors feel misled by mismatching information or links, it may cause them to lose trust in your business causing them to never click on your ads in the future.

Be sure your landing pages have a clear call-to-action related to specific search queries. If someone is searching Google with the intent of purchasing a product or service that your business offers, the landing page linked to your ad should offer clear and concise purchasing options for that product/service. The fewer hoops potential customers have to jump through to become customers, the better.

How Summit Creative Marketing Can Increase Your Online Visibility

At Summit, we streamline the pay-per-click process for your business by segmenting the Google Ads process into four key steps: Discovery, Setup, Launch, and Reporting.


Summit will take an extensive look at your business’ pay-per-click metrics to see how we can improve upon what’s already live as well as in-depth research into your industry to determine optimum keyword practices and existing competition.


We will identify and implement any keywords not already in use by your business that will benefit your brand in addition to creating all necessary campaign segmentations with fresh content that will attract potential customers to your website.


Campaigns are taken live with a series of comprehensive performance checks, ensuring you are receiving the highest value possible for your ad spending.


We provide weekly reports and analysis on all benchmark metrics to help identify metric trends and opportunities.

Pay-per-click advertising is just one of the many services we offer that can help your business reach its target audience in an efficient, impactful way.

To have an extensive look at all the services we offer, please visit SummitCreativeMarketing.com. Or, if you’re ready to get started, schedule your discovery call here.