How to Get Unstuck for Entrepreneurs

Running a small business can suck all of the creativity out of you. You may feel overwhelmed by small tasks, big tasks, or just the weight of trying to support a business on your own. Feeling stuck is natural; getting unstuck is the priority.

When you feel stuck, your business suffers. To keep those creative juices flowing, you’ll need to make sure you spend a little time on yourself every now and again. From self-care to improving your mindset, here are some tried and true steps to get unstuck—especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

6 Tips for Getting Unstuck

1. Put the Task Down

When a task or project starts to get on your nerves or you feel stuck, start by putting the task down for at least a moment. You may just need a brief break! Take a few calming breaths, and if you feel ready you can start up again. If you don’t feel ready to pick up the task again, move on to the next task and come back to that one later.

2. Move Your Body

Moving your body will help stimulate your brain and get those creative juices flowing again. Turn on some music and have a little dance party, go for a walk, complete a quick household chore–just about anything counts as moving your body. Get unstuck by getting out of your chair!

3. Change Your Environment

When we’ve been working all day, our environment starts to feel stale. Change your environment by running an errand, working in a different room, or going outside for some rejuvenating sunshine! New surroundings are likely to spark new thoughts. And they often make for good Instagram pictures 😉

4. Drink and Eat

Hanger (hunger induced anger) is real! If you’re hungry or thirsty, your mood is definitely being affected, even if you don’t realize you’re feeling hungry. Your work is going to suffer if you’re in a bad mood, so find some food, chug some water, and come back to that project when your body is satisfied.

5. Take a Break

Take a break from all of it. That’s right! We said all of it! We understand that, as an entrepreneur, it’s difficult to take time away from your company and your clients, but it’s absolutely necessary at times. You want to be your best self for your employees and your clients, and this is a sure way to be sure you’re in tip top shape.

6. Ask for Help

Lastly, reach out for help. Humans are social creatures that work better together, and asking for help is only natural. In fact, the most successful entrepreneurs achieve what they do because they know how to network and ask for assistance.

Need Help Getting Unstuck?

Relying on other people is perfectly normal and should be encouraged. Sometimes, that help comes in the form of a business partner; other times, help comes in the form of a virtual assistant agency, like Summit Collaborations.

Sometimes we need a little help to get unstuck. Summit Collaborations is a team of highly skilled, dedicated professionals who can help you solve just about any business task. Instead of struggling, reach out to us today and see how we can help relieve your stress!