The Elements of a Successful Brand

A brand is a way of telling potential customers who you are as a company, but an effective brand can do so much more than that. From fostering brand identity to setting yourself apart, branding is perhaps the most important element in running a successful business. So, what are the elements of a successful brand?

4 Elements of a Successful Brand

If you want to garner more interest and retain more customers for your product, follow these tips for creating a successful brand.

Brand Element: Visual Design

With great branding comes great design. Customers want to enjoy your product in style, and that means having a consistent aesthetic between your logo, packaging, web design, emails, and any other way that you communicate with your followers. Visual design is an element of a successful brand that ties into everything your customers see.

Keep in mind, your brand design should be a reflection of who your company is. Is your business young and trendy? Warm and professional? Edgy and old school? Whatever it may be, your brand tells your customers who and what you are, so let the visual design draw them in.

Brand Element: Memorable Taglines

Of course, your brand needs to communicate verbally as well as visually. The best way to do this is with a tagline or slogan. You want your customers to know what your service is while also motivating them to find out more. Taglines do this seamlessly, making it an efficient element of a successful brand.

“Got milk?”, “The quicker picker upper”, and “Maybe she’s born with it” are just a few examples of slogans or taglines that accomplish this. They tell you what the product is, what it can do for you, and they’re punchy enough to be memorable and get you interested. Your tagline should work with your visual design to draw customers in.

Brand Element: Storytelling

There are few things that customers like better than a good story. So, your brand needs to have one.

Your story can be anything. Apple’s brand identity was centered around Steve Jobs’ garage. Nike’s brand is inspired by the Greek goddess of victory – even the “swoosh” reflects that mythology, as “Nike’s swoosh” was said to give warriors immense power. Whether your story is personal, mythological, or something else, customers are attracted to and empowered by well written narratives, inspiring more people to invest in your brand.

Brand Element: Messaging

Finally, you want your brand to appeal to your target audience, which means thinking the same way they do. The language you use, the cultural references you make, and even the type of story your business tells can move the right audience, if done correctly.

For example, a backstory or branding message about hard work and being an underdog might appeal to younger customers. Older customers, by contrast, might want facts without hyperbole and branding messages tailored to their individualism.

Let’s Get Branding.

Every business needs a brand. Brands are the best way to showcase your company’s mission, personality, and identity, while also garnering a stronger customer base. With these elements of a successful brand, your company is sure to dominate the market.

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