SEO Best Practices 2020

What are SEO Best Practices 2020? Navigating the world of SEO marketing is confusing, not least because the rules always seem to change. In many ways, this is true: SEO best practices change with technological developments. Although this can throw a wrench in your digital marketing strategy, it can also create opportunities to pull ahead in search engines, since other businesses in your industry are grappling with the same changes.

2020 can be the year that your business reaches the top of Google search, but you’ll need to employ a few SEO tactics. The team at Summit Collaborations wants to help you reach your peak and go even higher with your business success. Check out a few of these tips, and reach out to us today for help in your SEO goals.

SEO Best Practices 2020: Answer Questions Quickly & Simply

Ever googled something and gone to page 9 for the answer? Of course not! You look for your answer on the front page, often right at the top of the search engine in what Google calls “Featured Snippets”.

When writing a blog post, you should be answering a question that your ideal customer has searched online. Instead of answering the question in a long, drawn-out piece of copy, find a way to summarize the answer in a short and concise manner. If your answer gets featured as a snippet, you’ll jump to the head of the line, pushing your company to the exact audience you’re looking for.

Pro tip: answering common questions in your blog posts and FAQ page is a great way to boost your SEO profile.

SEO Best Practices 2020: Focus on Influencer Marketing

It is much easier for a customer to trust a fellow customer. Instead of spending money on ads for Google search, reach out to influential customers with an online following. The influencer could post their review of your services online, which provides both a trusted review and backlinks to your website. A customer reading a review is more likely to make a purchase when they find out the ins and outs of your company offerings from someone like them.

Influencer marketing also gives you the benefit of utilizing the influencer’s following base. Sharing your content and products with an influencer’s following can help you gain loyal customers and followers on your own social accounts.

SEO Best Practices 2020: Go Mobile

At a time when everyone has a smartphone, your website needs to be optimized for mobile, otherwise, it will tank in search engines. Speak with a UX Designer to work on creating a user-friendly mobile site that will captivate and engage your potential customers.

SEO Best Practices 2020: Use Videos

Many people prefer to use videos to get information and entertainment. You can optimize your video content by adding appropriate keywords, descriptions, and titles. A YouTube presence for your business could be what makes or breaks your SEO efforts for your business.

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