Curating Your Productivity Playlist

Stuck in a rut working from home these days? If you don’t feel productive, lack the motivation to work, or simply need some background noise to cut through the quiet, try creating a playlist to help move the day along. A productivity playlist allows you to be excited, motivated, and inspired. 

While many think of a productivity playlist as a variety of songs across all genres, don’t be afraid to include podcasts, audiobooks, and other exciting listening resources that break the monotony of working from home. Everyone has different distractions. Some may find that audiobooks divert their attention away from working while others feel they help move along the working day. While you may love listening to podcasts while you work because they energize and inspire you, others can find them bothersome. 

Curate a productivity playlist that helps you work and brings you joy throughout the day based on what will boost your productivity and won’t bring on any unwanted distractions. To begin collecting sources for your productivity playlist, consider the following tips, as followed at Summit Collaborations!

1.Think about what types of music and what kinds of artists you enjoy

It’s important to include music that falls in line with your preferences because that will help you develop a playlist that isn’t annoying or boring. You want to have a productivity playlist that includes your favorite music and artists because that will make the day a bit more exciting and break through the monotony of the day. If you get easily distracted by music and would rather tune into an inspiring learning resource, try finding audiobooks or podcasts based on your subject interests. 

2. Scour through music streaming sites

Music streaming sites like Spotify and YouTube allow you to create your own playlist based on favorite songs, artists, and other listening material. You can also search songs and follow specific creators for certain content you find interesting. A music streaming site provides the effortless ability to create a productivity playlist that best fits what you’re looking for to fill the void of your day working from home. 

3. Establish multiple playlists 

Consider creating several playlists in case you get tired of listening to the same one on repeat. Try categorizing your playlists based on mood, theme, or genre. Specific categories can include classical, jazz, or modern pop music. You can even choose to curate a playlist based on your favorite television shows and movies. Perhaps you have two playlists for music, one with just podcasts, and one for your favorite audiobooks for when you need a break from the rhythm and beats. Maybe you want different playlists to turn on depending on the time of day or your mood. 

Curating your productivity playlist shouldn’t be a stressful process; rather, it should be one that compels you to work harder and perform better while working from home. Don’t know where to begin in your productivity playlist process? Click here for examples of productivity playlists.