2021 Marketing Trends: The Rise of Video-First Platforms

girl recording a video for social media

Written by: BreAnne Daly, Digital Content Specialist, Summit Creative Marketing What’s the hot marketing trend for 2021? You’ve seen it, literally. The rise of TikTok, the prioritization of Instagram Reels, and the investment in Facebook Watch with celebrity featured shows. 2021, meet the push in video-first social media platforms. So, where do we see this…

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2020 Marketing Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

2020 marketing trends

After decades of disrupting communications between brands and people, there is no questioning the power of the internet. As customer interests continue to change and new communication platforms steadily surface, it is essential for digital marketers and business owners alike to stay on top of 2020 marketing trends. The turnover of daily releases may leave…

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