The Importance of Owning Your Audience

man on the phone looking at email database

To build your business, you need to establish a loyal audience through meaningful and deep connections. This means that a lot of focus should be placed on how and where businesses are engaging with their audience. And no, the answer is not only social media. As people have recognized the abilities of social media to…

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Why You Should Use an External Marketing Agencies to Enhance Your Internal Marketing Team

marketing team looking at flowchart on table

The responsibilities of a marketing manager are seemingly endless. From creating and executing marketing campaigns to producing promotional materials, your internal marketing team is covering a wide range of duties to advance the company’s brand. However, having so many tasks to keep track of can spread your internal team too thin, leading to burnout and…

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2021 Graphic Design Trends

2021 graphic Design trends of tidewater green and fortuna gold

The conflict and chaos of the events of 2020 make it easy to feel down-and-out during these trying times. But in the process of dealing–and healing–from a year that left us feeling spun out of control, we at Summit Creative Marketing are looking forward to the future with bright eyes and open hearts. It is…

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2021 Marketing Trends: The Rise of Video-First Platforms

girl recording a video for social media

Written by: BreAnne Daly, Digital Content Specialist, Summit Creative Marketing What’s the hot marketing trend for 2021? You’ve seen it, literally. The rise of TikTok, the prioritization of Instagram Reels, and the investment in Facebook Watch with celebrity featured shows. 2021, meet the push in video-first social media platforms. So, where do we see this…

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10 SEO Content Writing Tips for 2020

SEO content writing tips

Does your business rely on SEO content writing? Do you even run a blog? No matter what your business does, it needs to keep a blog if it wants to survive the digital marketing place, which makes SEO writing a top priority for digital businesses.  Unfortunately, more companies are online than ever before, which makes…

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Online Team Building: Remote Team Building Activities for 2020

online team building remote team building

Over the last several months, COVID-19 has completely shifted the way businesses operate. Many businesses find themselves forced out of their offices and conducting their daily affairs remotely. Many companies have been forced to think about remote team building, but aren’t sure how to build their internal brand from a distance. Leading remote teams can…

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Adjusting Your Digital Marketing Investments During COVID-19

adjusting your marketing investments during COVID-19

,Has the COVID-19 pandemic forced you to rethink your digital marketing investments? With a sudden halt in revenue, many businesses—particularly those considered “non-essential”—have shifted their focus on cutting budgets while maximizing efficiency. Some businesses have seen their performance drop by as much as 20% just within the last two weeks. Here’s how to maximize your…

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