2021 Graphic Design Trends

2021 graphic Design trends of tidewater green and fortuna gold

The conflict and chaos of the events of 2020 make it easy to feel down-and-out during these trying times. But in the process of dealing–and healing–from a year that left us feeling spun out of control, we at Summit Creative Marketing are looking forward to the future with bright eyes and open hearts. It is…

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Attract More Customers With the Use of Seasonal Branding

example of seasonal branding with pink make up brand on holiday background

Have you ever felt like that cup of hot chocolate tastes a little better in that red Starbucks cup with the snowflakes all along the side? If so, then you’ve experienced seasonal branding at its finest. Seasonal branding is an extension of a company’s existing brand identity that is often conveyed through its logo, tagline,…

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Why Color Theory Matters for Brand Success

color theory brand success

When was the last time a black and white ad caught your attention? Can you remember? Neither can we. Even the Chase Sapphire commercials have a pop of blue in them, and this gets to the core of what good marketing design can do: capture your audience’s attention using brand identity and color theory. With…

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How Creative Writing Can Improve Your Marketing Copy

article writing agency good marketing copy

Everyone loves good writing. Whether it’s a novel, movie script, or Buzzfeed article, a good story or article happens not just because the content itself is interesting, but because the writing makes it interesting. The same can be said for good marketing copy. If content is king, then well-written content is ruler of all. We’ve…

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The Elements of a Successful Brand

elements of a successful brand

A brand is a way of telling potential customers who you are as a company, but an effective brand can do so much more than that. From fostering brand identity to setting yourself apart, branding is perhaps the most important element in running a successful business. So, what are the elements of a successful brand?…

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