5 Credit Repair Marketing Techniques to Boost Your Success

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It’s no secret that the credit repair industry is crowded. In the US there are about 69,000 credit repair businesses as of 2021 statistics.  So how do YOU stand out among 69,000? Solid marketing techniques are a great place to start!  Here are 6 ways that your credit repair company can set itself apart through…

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The Ultimate Credit Repair Marketing Guide

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Are you ready to TRANSFORM your credit repair business through the best digital marketing techniques? Great news! Our Ultimate Credit Repair Marketing Guide is designed to help you create marketing plans for credit repair companies that actually work. Let’s dive into a few of the tactics.  Elevate your Website Having a website is essential for…

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Content Creation Made Simple

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Content Creation Made Simple It’s no secret that content marketing has become a necessary marketing function for businesses. Embracing content marketing in the digital age is essential for growing your business, particularly for its ability to drive quality traffic to your website. Properly executed content will attract your target audience to your website which is…

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The Importance of Owning Your Audience

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To build your business, you need to establish a loyal audience through meaningful and deep connections. This means that a lot of focus should be placed on how and where businesses are engaging with their audience. And no, the answer is not only social media. As people have recognized the abilities of social media to…

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Breaking Down How Instagram Search Works

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By: Kryslin Kane, Digital Marketing Specialist, Summit Creative Marketing Instagram Search is the Google of social media – it is a really powerful tool that many people use to discover business accounts, hashtags, posts, and locations. If you’re a business looking for more eyes on your posts, securing a top spot in Instagram’s search results…

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Facebook Special Ad Category: What it Means for Your Mortgage Company

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Companies specializing in home loans and mortgage lending may want to reconsider their digital marketing strategy moving forward. Facebook has adopted new policies regarding advertisements with some of these key changes directly affecting home loans and mortgage lenders.  As of 2020, Facebook implemented a new set of requirements for three key groups of advertisers who…

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3 Key Ways for Mortgage Loan Officers to Get More Qualified Borrowers

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3 Key Ways to Get More Booked Appointments for Mortgage Lenders Marketing approaches for mortgage lenders have continuously changed over the years, and due to online advertising, consumers have never had easier access to lenders. In this age of technology, digital marketing, and strategic planning can help mortgage lenders cast a wider net in reaching…

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10 SEO Content Writing Tips for 2020

SEO content writing tips

Does your business rely on SEO content writing? Do you even run a blog? No matter what your business does, it needs to keep a blog if it wants to survive the digital marketing place, which makes SEO writing a top priority for digital businesses.  Unfortunately, more companies are online than ever before, which makes…

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Online Team Building: Remote Team Building Activities for 2020

online team building remote team building

Over the last several months, COVID-19 has completely shifted the way businesses operate. Many businesses find themselves forced out of their offices and conducting their daily affairs remotely. Many companies have been forced to think about remote team building, but aren’t sure how to build their internal brand from a distance. Leading remote teams can…

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