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Breaking Down How Instagram Search Works

September 28, 2021

By: Kryslin Kane, Digital Marketing Specialist, Summit Creative Marketing Instagram Search is the Google of social media – it is a really powerful tool that many people use to discover business accounts, hashtags, posts, and locations. If you’re a business looking for more eyes on your posts, securing a top spot in Instagram’s search results…

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Facebook Special Ad Category: What it Means for Your Mortgage Company

May 27, 2021

Companies specializing in home loans and mortgage lending may want to reconsider their digital marketing strategy moving forward. Facebook has adopted new policies regarding advertisements with some of these key changes directly affecting home loans and mortgage lenders.  As of 2020, Facebook implemented a new set of requirements for three key groups of advertisers who…

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3 Key Ways for Mortgage Loan Officers to Get More Qualified Borrowers

April 19, 2021

3 Key Ways to Get More Booked Appointments for Mortgage Lenders Marketing approaches for mortgage lenders have continuously changed over the years, and due to online advertising, consumers have never had easier access to lenders. In this age of technology, digital marketing, and strategic planning can help mortgage lenders cast a wider net in reaching…

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The Newest Wave of Social Media Platforms to Arrive

February 7, 2021

When looking at the overall picture, social media is a fairly new method of connecting and networking with others. But even in the short amount of time it has been on the scene, we’ve witnessed multiple social media platforms arrive, generate buzz, and eventually lose relevancy. We saw this happen with the rise and fall…

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Why You Should Use an External Marketing Agencies to Enhance Your Internal Marketing Team

January 18, 2021

The responsibilities of a marketing manager are seemingly endless. From creating and executing marketing campaigns to producing promotional materials, your internal marketing team is covering a wide range of duties to advance the company’s brand. However, having so many tasks to keep track of can spread your internal team too thin, leading to burnout and…

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2021 Graphic Design Trends

January 1, 2021

The conflict and chaos of the events of 2020 make it easy to feel down-and-out during these trying times. But in the process of dealing–and healing–from a year that left us feeling spun out of control, we at Summit Creative Marketing are looking forward to the future with bright eyes and open hearts. It is…

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2021 Marketing Trends: The Rise of Video-First Platforms

December 14, 2020

Written by: BreAnne Daly, Digital Content Specialist, Summit Creative Marketing What’s the hot marketing trend for 2021? You’ve seen it, literally. The rise of TikTok, the prioritization of Instagram Reels, and the investment in Facebook Watch with celebrity featured shows. 2021, meet the push in video-first social media platforms. So, where do we see this…

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2021 Marketing Prediction: The Continuing Rise of Socially Conscious Marketing

December 1, 2020

Written by: Joe Rosado, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Summit Creative Marketing With technology being ever-changing and the pandemic shifting the way we interact and live daily (for the foreseeable future), there are a number of predictions that can be made in regards to the direction marketing trends will take in the New Year. However, in the…

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2021 Business Trends: Virtual Everything: The newfound option to host, engage and work

December 1, 2020

Written by: Sarah Henneman, Marketing & Project Manager, Summit Creative Marketing  So often we have heard the term “new normal” referring to the habits and rituals we have had to adapt to in the last year. 2020 has shifted our focus and made us aware of things that a year previously would have sounded absurd,…

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