Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Businesses

shopping cart with boxes on top of a computer

With large e-commerce giants like Amazon getting the bulk of the online shopping action, it can be difficult for small to medium-sized online retailers to compete, especially as the holidays approach. However, with a thorough and precise e-commerce marketing strategy, your business can build some well thought out promotions that will help your brand grow.…

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What are Google Ads? Optimize Your Google Pay-Per-Click Marketing

search engine advertising picture with an example of an ad

Is your organic incoming website traffic just not making the cut anymore? Are your social posts not driving as much potential clientele to your website as you hoped? It may be time for your business to try a new tactic, and one of the lowest cost and highest return investments in advertising today is within…

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Attract More Customers With the Use of Seasonal Branding

example of seasonal branding with pink make up brand on holiday background

Have you ever felt like that cup of hot chocolate tastes a little better in that red Starbucks cup with the snowflakes all along the side? If so, then you’ve experienced seasonal branding at its finest. Seasonal branding is an extension of a company’s existing brand identity that is often conveyed through its logo, tagline,…

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10 SEO Content Writing Tips for 2020

SEO content writing tips

Does your business rely on SEO content writing? Do you even run a blog? No matter what your business does, it needs to keep a blog if it wants to survive the digital marketing place, which makes SEO writing a top priority for digital businesses.  Unfortunately, more companies are online than ever before, which makes…

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Online Marketing for Law Firms

online marketing for law firms

The legal world is constantly changing. Today’s lawyers are stretched thin between helping their current clients, keeping up with new laws, and running between the office and the courtroom. Online marketing for law firms is essential if lawyers want to pick up new clients; however, learning the tools of marketing isn’t easy. Consider this article…

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Demographic Marketing: How to Craft Effective Client Personas

crafting a demographic marketing strategy

When implementing your marketing strategy, whom are you marketing towards? Do you know where they live? What they wear? Whether they prefer Coke or Pepsi? Such questions might seem like frivolous guesses, but they are actually the cornerstone of demographic marketing. Every company has several target market demographics, meaning their business or service appeals to…

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How Social Media Fits Into Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be a very broad term, and with the abundance of marketing tools, encompasses various strategies to engage and attract target audiences. An umbrella term that includes all marketing efforts in order to increase brand awareness and establish stronger engagement via a range of digital platforms, digital marketing serves two main purposes. Not…

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What is Digital Marketing?

As e-commerce and the digital marketplace continue to grow, digital marketing is more essential than ever if companies want to survive. A growing plurality of Americans are almost constantly online, and with the coronavirus pandemic reshaping how companies adapt to today’s challenges, honing a digital marketing strategy is paramount for success. But what is digital…

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Building an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy with Purpose

Social media can be complicated to navigate, especially when it comes to how to integrate them into your business marketing strategy. Not only do you need to consider which platforms to utilize, but also the type of content that will be most effective for reaching your target audience. The key to a successful social media…

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