How to Use Instagram Story Highlights to Convert Viewers to Customers

use instagram story highlights for your instagram viewers

Instagram story highlights could be your most underutilized tool when it comes to converting viewers to customers and loyal followers. The highlights are one more place to provide content that serves your customer, share great information about your company, and convert an Instagram viewer to a long-term client. What are Instagram Story Highlights? Instagram story…

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Feeling Overwhelmed? Let’s Get YOU Back On Track

hipster man with post it on forehead

Are you drowning in a mountain of work, looking for a life raft? It’s time to get you back on track. Feeling overwhelmed with even just the current tasks at hand can actually decrease your productivity. You may procrastinate more or jump from project to project without actually finishing anything. It’s important to learn strategies…

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Personal vs Business Social Media Pages

personal vs business social media

We live in an online world, and social media is an important key to your business’s success. You and your business need to be on relevant social media platforms. Why should you separate your personal social media pages & business pages? Your customers or audience needs to recognize your brand only. Take Apple for instance.…

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